April News

The Sparrow’s Nest family is blessed with wonderful friends and partners from around the world. We are glad to count you as a friend and to send you updates concerning what God is doing. He is always doing so much more than we can see. His heart is so big and His love for each of us is never ending.

Right now, we are facing a challenge and an opportunity. A longtime channel of support for the orphanage has been attacked. Through this channel, 60% of our operating budget was provided each year. This attack is a challenge because it raises serious questions and concerns about how we will take care of the children. However, it is also a big opportunity to deepen our trust in God and to know Him better as our Father and Provider.

In James 1:2, we learn that we can rejoice when we encounter struggles and difficulties. We can do this knowing that the trying of our faith will result in maturity. The opportunity to trust God more fully and to seek Him for answers has a great reward—our faith will grow and we will be stronger. This is a real reason to rejoice!Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 12.04.48 PM

As we wait for the answer to financial needs, we bless the Lord for His faithfulness:

New caretakers for the farm and camp! Jeff and Sarah Lovelady moved here with their two young children, and they will be taking the position of caring for our farm where the children spend all summer, school holidays, and some weekends. Jeff and Sarah have spent their first two months getting to know the staff and children, studying the Latvian language, and getting to know the farm and surrounding areas.

Therapy for the children and training for the staff! In March and the start of April, we welcomed Birgit from Germany. Birgit had contacted me with a desire to help the children through her specialty of spatial and movement therapy. She flew in and gave us many hours of therapy for the children and training for the staff members. This was a huge gift of her time and expertise, and we are now able to care for the children’s needs on a deeper level.

One thing that all of our volunteers have in common is that they have been a living testimony of God’s love before our staff and children. Over the years, several of our staff members have been born again through the testimony of a volunteer. Our children, who have often suffered deep rejection, have seen the sacrifice of others on their behalf and their personal value has been restored. Some of our volunteers have been surprised by a further call from God and they have gone on to become adoptive parents!

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