June Newsletter

“Giants” show up in our lives in all shapes and sizes. Markus’ giants popped up when he turned ten years old. In Latvia, children can get their bicycle license when they turn ten. Having his license and a bicycle was all that Markus could talk about. But then a few giants showed up in his plans. He came to me with his first giant—he didn’t have parents who would buy him a bicycle. That giant fell when I found some jobs for him to do and gave him a birthday gift of money towards the purchase of a bicycle.

His second giant was the test for the bicycle license. It is not a long test, but the questions are specific and designed to be a bit tricky. He was reluctant to even begin studying. For Markus, the test was daunting, and so it became another giant standing in his way. We began to talk about other tests in school that he had taken and passed. We remembered other difficult situations or tasks he had faced and conquered. Remembering the past victories encouraged Markus that he could succeed again.

We all face giants from time to time. Sometimes, they are giants of need; some-times, they are giants of depression or failure. When we focus on their size and seeming power over us, we feel defeated before the fight even begins. But we can lift our eyes to God and remember how He has helped us to gain victory over giants in the past.

King David knew the power of remembering. In First Samuel 17:37, David remembered the Lord “that delivered [him] out of the paw of the lion, and out of the paw of the bear,” and then he made his declaration about the current giant he was facing: “He will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine.”

The challenge and threats of the giants we face can seem to fill the horizon, but they are only temporary. The God who has delivered us in the past is present to give us victory over the giants we face today.

For several of our children, school has been a real struggle this year. A few came home with notes from their teachers saying they may not be able to move on to the next grade level. Our whole staff responded by making time in their days to help with homework and to prepare for tests. Even our bookkeeper and maintenance man foundIMG_5217

ways to help. When final grades were sent home, all of our school children had triumphed over their giants in school and are moving on to the next grade level in the fall! We are so proud of their achievements. The office is decorated with a display of their favorite artwork and most significant awards.

We had our annual spring planting out at the farm during May. The children and staff all pitched in to help prepare the garden and greenhouse. Angelika is pictured here gathering the canes that were pruned from the raspberry patch. Also pictured is our care worker Revita, clearing a garden patch with Nils and Artis helping. Everyone worked hard throughout the morning and then enjoyed a picnic lunch. After all the hard work, we are looking forward to a bumper crop in the fall!

Our highlighted prayer needs this month are for adoptions in progress to be completed, safety for the summer volunteers who are preparing to travel to Latvia, and for new streams of financial support to provide for the needs of the Sparrow’s Nest. Like David, remember that God—who has delivered us in the past—is present to give victory over the giants we face today.

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