Since 1997, The Sparrow’s Nest has served as an orphanage, child and family crisis center in the nation of Latvia. We are a team of Christian professionals committed to Christ and to caring for children and families in crisis. Children live in family groups of six children with a dedicated care team assigned to each group.

Our care for the children is modeled after a foster family, with children living in family groups of six to eight and with a dedicated care team. Our vision for caring for children is four-fold and includes the following:

To Rescue by responding to children and families in crisis through direct intervention and placement within the Sparrows Nest family.

To Relieve suffering through loving care addressing the immediate physical and emotional suffering brought about by tragedy, abuse, and neglect.

To Restore by actively seeking healing and salvation for each child and family through prayer, love, and a wide range of resources including medical treatment, therapy, education, and a secure environment.

To Replace children in their own birth family or a loving adoptive family as determined by the Orphan’s Court within Latvia. An orphanage can never take the place of a family, therefore our work is complete when a child is replaced in a family.

Our outreach is to the child and their entire family. When a child has living parents or relatives it is the highest priority to work towards replacing a child with family members. Care for families in crisis is individualized and includes visiting the family, providing help with material needs or projects such as helping to clean homes or apartments, helping with furniture needs, etc.

In cases where the children are able to return home, we follow the family for a minimum of a year helping with food, clothing and special expenses such as back to school needs and Christmas gifts. We also help with medical needs when these costs are above and beyond what the family can afford.

Children placed at Sparrows Nest come from many regions in Latvia. A call is received from one of the regional Orphan’s Courts and then a child or sibling group is placed in our care. Our children come to us as a result of the death of parents, abuse, severe neglect, and abandonment.

Each child is a precious treasure. They are like gold cast aside without understanding on the shores of life. When these children are recognized as a treasure, they shine!

A note about adoption…

The Sparrow’s Nest is not an adoption agency, and we cannot match children to families. However, with 20 years of experience with adoptions in Latvia, we can help families get pointed in the right direction! If you have general questions about adoption in Latvia, please contact Alissa Stemple.